A different type of public relations advertising is targeted to the financial commu­nity - individual and institutional investors, stock analysts, investment bankers, and stockbrokers. The objective is to portray a company's financial strengths and prospects in the most flattering way.

Such advertising is used extensively during proxy fights for control of companies, when a company is undergoing some major reorganization, or when the company believes it is being unfairly attacked by consumer groups or regulatory agencies. A variety of these ads can be seen in financial publications.

In one instance, Honeywell placed a full-page as in the Wall Street journal to announce that it had won a major lawsuit against the Minolta Camera Company for infringing on its patents. The winning of the suit and the protection of its patents assured the financial community that Honeywell would continue to make profits on its technology.

□ Notes:

Honeywell - «Ханиуэлл». Компания по производству авиационного и электрон­ного оборудования, а также приборов управления, промышленного оборудо­вания.

□ Vocabulary:

community - общество, община

institutional - общественный, от организации

stock - акционерный капитал; акции, фонды

analyst - аналитик

stockbroker - биржевой маклер

objective - цель

portray - нарисовать, показать

strength сила; мощь; стабильность

prospects - перспективы, план

flattering - лестный, льстивый

extensively - широко, пространно

proxyfights - борьба за передачу полномочий на фирмах

undergo - испытывать, переносить, подвергаться

unfairly - нечестно, несправедливо

regulatory - наводящий порядок, упорядочивающий

variety - разнообразие; множество

instance - пример

afull-pagead - рекламное объявление на всю страницу

winalawsuit - выиграть дело (юр.)

infringe - нарушать (закон, право, обещание)

protection - защита

assure smb. - заверитьк.-л.

makeprofits - извлечь выгоду, получать доходы, прибыль


1) Find the English equivalents in the text. Use them in sentences of your own:

1. направлен на

2. целью является показать

3. в наиболее лестном виде

4.фирма подвергается

5. группа потребителей

6. поместить рекламу на всю страницу

7. выиграть (судебное) дело против

8. продолжать получать прибыль

2) Find in the text the words which describe or mean the following:

1. someone who makes a careful examination of events or materials in order to make judgments about them -

2. someone whose job is to buy and sell stocks, etc. for other people -

3. someone who gives money to a company, business, or bank in order to get a profit back -

4. to suffer a change, a bad experience, etc. which is done to you or happens to you -

5. to officially tell people about a decision or something that will happen; to give information to people -

6. to tell someone that something will definitely happen or is definitely true, so that they are less worried -

3) Translate the following words into Russian. Use them in sentences of your own:

1) individual and institutional investors

2) stock analysts

3) investment bankers


5) financial strengths and prospects

6) proxy fights for control of companies

7) regulatory agencies

4) Match the words which are close in the meaning:

different to confirm
individual unlike
unfairly to abuse
to make profits exclusive
to assure to gain
to attack dishonestly

5) Match the words having the opposite meaning:

different justly
individual to lie
unfairly to defend
to make profits common
to assure similar
to attack to lose

6) Complete the following sentences from the text and translate them into Russian:

1. Such advertising is used extensively during proxy fights for control of companies, when a company...

2. The winning of the suit and the protection of its patients assured the financial community that...

3. A different type of public relations advertising is targeted to the financial com­munity - individual and institutional investors,...

7)Jnsert prepositions(during; on; of; to; against; by; in; for):

1. A different type____public relations advertising is targeted_____the financialcommunity.

2. Such advertising is used extensively_____proxy fights______control ofcompanies, when the company believes it is being unfairly attacked_____consumergroups.

3. A variety____these ads can be seen____financial publications.

4.Honeywell will continue to make profits____its technology.

5. Honeywell announced that it had won a major lawsuit_____the Minolta CameraCompany for infringing____its patients.

8) Answer the following questions:

1. Who does the financial community involve?

2. What's the objective of public relations advertising?

3. When is such advertising used?

4. Where can such advertising be seen?

5. What example of public relations advertising can you give?